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Lepelle-Nkumpi Local Municipality is located in the Capricorn District Municipality in Limpopo province, South Africa. The seat of the municipality is Lebowakgomo, which lies about 45km from the provincial capital of Polokwane. The municipality is named after the two main rivers that are  located in the municipality, the Lepelle and Nkumpi rivers.

Lepelle-Nkumpi is situated in a mountainous area of the Drakensberg and to the South borders with Sekhukhune District’s four local municipalities through the Lepelle River. The municipality is predominantly rural and has wall to wall boundaries with nine other local municipalities in the Province.

The municipality is divided into 30 wards, four of them comprising Lebowakgomo, which is one of Capricorn District's growth points. All sittings of the provincial legislature take place at Lebowakgomo's Old Parliament of the former homeland of Lebowa. The municipality had a population of 230 350 according to the 2011 national census.

Key investment opportunities
Agriculture: The municipality has significant agricultural development potential, both in terms of horticulture and livestock. There are several government-owned irrigation schemes that are operating considerably below potential. There is also extensive land and buildings for broiler farming that is being underutilized. Two hundred (200) jobs were created through municipality’s LED cooperatives support initiatives.

Customised factories for meat and hide processing that are currently vacant at Lebowakgomo’s Habakuk Industrial area create the opportunity to participate in cluster development for meat production. Such a cluster could incorporate broiler and cattle feed production, livestock farming, slaughtering, processing, packaging and marketing.

Retail and services: Being the seat of the provincial legislature, as well as host for all Sekhukhune District provincial sector departments as well as some Capricorn district departments, opportunities for retail and services business in Lepelle-Nkumpi are vast. Lepelle-Nkumpi has opened two retail centres in 2014  - the Mall@Lebo in Lebowakgomo and the Zebediela Shopping Plaza in Moletlane, Zebediela. There are still more possibilities for additional modern retail centres in other areas of the municipality.

Mining: The platinum mining developments in Hwelereng and Makurung, the revitalization of diamond mine in Zebediela, as well as brick clay mining development in Zebediela could create opportunities for SMME’s along the value chain and especially in beneficiation.

Tourism: Eco-tourism opportunities are vast in the area. The Wolkberg Wilderness area consists of 40 000 hectares of almost pristine Afromontane grasslands, indigenous forests, spectacular mountain scenery and clean running streams and rivers. The key tourism related opportunities lie in the potential for commercialization and merging of the Bewaarskloof, Lekgalameetse and Wolkberg nature reserves.

Manufacturing: An anchor project that has created hundreds of job opportunities in the area is the Zebediela citrus estates. Opportunities for establishment of an agro- processing plant next to the farm are vast and it is hoped that this will create more jobs that would boost the economic growth of the municipality further.

The Habakuk Industrial area has been in existence since the late 1970s and today it produces items such as furniture, tyres, various meat products and various foods and beverages. The area is located about 4km from Lebowakgomo’s CBD and can still accommodate more manufacturing.

Existing road infrastructure: A number of important provincial and regional routes transverse the area, of which the R37 (Polokwane-Burgersfort) is the most important. There is also the R579 between Lebowakgomo and Jane Furse, R519 between Kuschke and Roedtan, and the R518 between Mokopane and Lebowakgomo.

Agriculture takes up large portions of land within the municipality, but only employs approximately 7% of the workforce. The presence of a strong agricultural sector usually also generates opportunities for further development of the manufacturing sector, particularly in terms of agro-processing, and other backward and forward economic linkages. The retail and trade sector in Lepelle-Nkumpi is also responsible for a substantial amount of the employment (more than 12%).

Source: Lepelle-Nkumpi local municipality IDP 2012/13.
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Below is just a few of the many exciting tourism attractions in Lepelle-Nkumpi.
Lekgelameetse Game Reserve

Mafefe Ivory Route
The Chuene Holiday Resort

The Mall@Lebo and Zebediela Plaza were both opened in 2014 in Lebowakgomo and Zebediela respectively. Both shopping complexes host some of the best and largest retail stores, banks and restaurants in the country such as Edgars, Truworths, Game Stores, SuperSpar, Cashbuild, Shoprite, Pick ‘n Pay, KFC, Debonnaires Pizza, Galitos Restaurant, Nedbank, Standard Bank and Capitec Bank.

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